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Mike's Laser Tag Armory

Here we've compiled a bunch of information to give you a general idea of the gear we use on our fields. There are two main categories of gear that we use on our fields: there are the laser tag gaming guns and the (even more interesting) other things we use in our games. If you're curious about one then it's probably worth your time to learn more about the other, too. With no further ado, then, let us present to you the tools of mass fun that we have on our field.

all of the laser tag guns have sensors on the front and back of your head, as well as one on the gun, so anywhere you look or shoot you can be shot. This also means you don't have to wear a big, bulky vest.

The Gaming Guns

In general, the larger the gun the longer the range and the tighter the spread, so big guns are better for sniping. In the same vein, small guns have a shorter range but a wider spread, so small guns are better for getting up close and personal for an assault.




Pulse Rifle


Class Machine Pistol Submachine Gun Mid-size Carbine Light Assault Rifle Full-Size Carbine Assault Rifle
Range 100' 200' 250' 325' 375'+ 375'+
Rate of Fire 300 rpm 300 rpm 250 rpm 250 rpm 250 rpm 250 rpm
Magazine Size 25 25 30 30 30 30
Stock N/A N/A Adjustible Adjustible Fixed Fixed

The Gaming Props

We frequently say that the laser tag guns are the least exciting thing on the field, and we encourage everyone to understand why. That said, there are several categories of props (we have more than one of several of them) that you may want to become familiar with. In no particular order, these are:

  Domination Arms

...but please note that you will almost certainly see a number of other props on the field at every visit, including flags, cones, bulletproof vests, gold coins, and more.