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Tactical Laser Tag Games

Below is a listing of many of the games you might play with us. Bear in mind that it is also common for us to modify or create games on the fly that emphasize elements or tasks that your group is enjoying or wants to learn better. The descriptions linked below are from our laser tag blog and also include tactics and strategy about each game. Some games may also have an (FO) link afterwards. While you are certainly welcome to browse those links they are aimed specifically at other field owners and are less likely to be interesting to you as a player.

        Domination  Our most-played game. Work with your team to control points around the field.
      Team vs. Team  Your basic "do unto them more than they do unto you" game. - (FO)
      2-man Free-For-All   It's just you and your buddy against everyone else...
      Base Assault   Take the base. Keep the base. Don't let your opponents do the same.
      Battleball   Football meets laser tag. Created for a joint Super Bowl event with other field owners.
      Bulldog   Get your living teammates to the far end of the field. Prevent the opponents from doing the same.
      Capture the Flag   Get the flag. Return it to your base.
      Freeze Tag   Like the classic schoolyard game, but with more shooting.
      Intel   A very challenging game. Get your codebreaker to the hidden laptop and back.
      Sniper   A small sniper force takes on a large but fragile team of hunters.
      VIP Escort   One of the hardest games. Protect the VIP while your team evades never-ending hunters.
      Whiffle Ball Game   Horrible name. Fun game. Retrieve balls from around the field before the other team can.
      Zombie   One human starts infected. The rest probably will be, too, by the end.