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Tactical Laser Tag 101

While our tactics articles are now all easily searchable through our laser tag blog this is a quick overview of the tactics articles we've posted, along with some ratings on how complex or difficult they are to integrate into your game. Also, don't forget to look at the laser tag game summaries for additional game-specific tips, tactics, and strategy.

Last updated for articles posted through: May 6, 2013

    Which laser tag gun is the best? - Answer: the one that best fits your play style
What's the difference between tactical laser tag and paintball or airsoft? - Learn what differences it makes in your play
What's the difference between strategy and tactics? - Answer: mostly just scope.
How to Aim Better, or: "I'm not hitting anything!" - How to use your scope properly
Use cover and don't get shot! - Learn how to properly use the things you hide behind.
Video games, paintball, airsoft, and laser tag: improving your game - Which ones help each other?
Tactical laser tag training drills - Pole dancing: Not what you think.
Work together and win! - Basic teamwork strategy and tactics. Also: coming back to life.
Rovers, or: How to Maintain Coordination with your Team - With no team commander how can you optimize your defenses?
Tactical Maneuver: The Pin and Flank - The basic component of all team tactics.
What's the best gear you can buy for tactical laser tag? - Nothing will make you a better player, but...
Being ambushed and ambushing back! - The close quarters aspect makes survival slightly different than actual military strategy
General tactical laser tag tips from Mike, vol. 1 - Tidbits and pro tips
Better Starts for Stronger Play - Start your game stronger and gain an early advantage
Clearing an indoor room by yourself - Extremely dangerous, but occasionally necessary. Here's when and how.